Swedish operator A3 on behalf of MDU places order for in:xtnd

A condominium association in Stockholm with A3 as operator chooses to upgrade its broadband with InCoax in:xtnd product.

A condominium association in Vasastaden in Stockholm that since 2013 uses InCoax’s previous product generation, in collaboration with A3, chose InCoax’s new in:xtnd solution with speeds of up to 2.5 Gigabits per second in existing coaxial networks. The order is worth 104 kSEK and will be delivered during the month of September. InCoax has previously delivered solutions to A3. 

The customer and the planned installation represent a typical customer case where a tenant-owner association with the help of InCoax’s new solution in:xtnd, wants to upgrade their bandwidth in a cost-effective way with minimal impact on the residents and the property. A great advantage of in:xtnd is that you can reuse existing coaxial cables and avoid having to pull new cables or fiber to the respective apartment.

“We are very pleased that A3 has chosen to proceed with this first sharp installation of our latest product in:xtnd and have hopes for more similar projects in the near future,” says Håkan Rusk, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for InCoax.

“We at A3 see this as a huge opportunity to improve the situation for many tenant-owner associations around the country. Previously, these customers have had to build brand new networks, but with this technology they can take advantage of the larger bandwidths that many need in their homes today. We are extremely proud that we are one of the first operators in the country with this,” says Andreas Rix, Head of Corporate Sales at A3.

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